MLB Draft Highlighted by Two Orthodox Jewish Students

This year’s MLB Drafted was highlighted by both the 77th overall pick Jacob Steinmetz and the 593 pick Elie Kligman. Both are Orthodox Jews, Steinmetz was a student at The Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway of Long Island and Kligman at Cimarron-Memorial High in Nevada.

According to the Jewish players drafted this week:

1. Zack Gelof (3B), Athletics (Rd 2, #60)
2. Jacob Steinmetz (P), D’backs (Rd 3, #77)
3. Colton Gorton (P), Astros (Rd 8, #238)
4. Michael Rothenberg (C), Tigers (Rd 12, #345)
5. Tyler Uberstine (P), Red Sox (Rd 19, #556)
6. Shawn Goosenberg (SS), White Sox (Rd 19, #575)
7. Elie Kligman (C), Nationals (Rd 20, #593)
8. Daniel Federman (P), Orioles (free agent)


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