Lavarnway is Back!

Ryan Lavarnway isn’t stopping just yet. He has signed a contract with the Cleveland Indians hoping to land on the Major League roster.

The Religion of Human Nature Podcast: Digging Deep

Join TGR with guests Olympic Gold Medalist Lenny Krayzelburg and trainer Jen Widerstrom for a conversation about digging deep and finding that extra bit of possibility. Click on the image to listen!

Mount Rushmore Series: Male Olympians

This was a tough Mount Rushmore to decide. Number 1 was easy. Mark Spitz is easily one of the greatest American athletes of all-time. Before Michael Phelps came on the scene, Spitz was the greatest swimmer of all-time. Staying with swimming is Gold Medalists Lenny Krayzelburg and Jason Lezak. Both had incredible careers in the…

Pillar to the Mets

The Superman of Center Field, Kevin Pillar, has officially signed with the New York Mets. Pillar began his career with Toronto and then spent one year in San Francisco. Last year he signed with Boston and was productive enough to get traded at the deadline to Colorado. He finished the year batting .288 BA and…

Catching Up with Ian Kinsler

As part of the synagogue program, TGR interviews the iconic Ian Kinsler. Click HERE to Support Team Israel Baseball!