Interview: From the Israeli Gridiron – Jay Hoffman

The average Israeli cares more about soccer then most other sports. The basketball boom swept the country and has some of the best fans in the world. Team Israel baseball is now on the map igniting a Jewish American tradition with the pride of the Israeli nation. But where does football, American football that is,…

Marlins Call Up Lavarnway

Ryan Lavarnway has been called back up to the Bigs. The Marlins will go with Lavarnway after the breakout of COVID-19 in the clubhouse.

Bleier Traded to the Marlins

Amidst their team restart due to COVID-19, the Marlins have made a series of moves including acquiring Richard Bleier from the Orioles for a player to be named later. The Marlins will resume play on Tuesday.

Mount Rushmore Series: MLB

In many ways the Jewish MLB decision will be the toughest decision to make. Of course, Sandy Koufax and Hank Greenberg top the list. Arguably baseball’s greatest pitcher and one of its iconic hitters are on all Jewish MLB Mount Rushmores and potentially an all-time Jewish sports Mount Rushmore. We then went with Shawn Green….