Israeli Gold Medals

This summer Israel took several Gold Medals in European Championships! In aquatics “Israeli swimmer Anastasia Gorbenko .. defended her title in the 200-meter individual medley stopping the clock at 2 minutes and 10.92 seconds at the 2022 European Aquatics Championships in Rome” (Israel Hayom). While over in Munich, Artem Dolgopyat took Gold in Artistic Gymnastics…

Mazel Tov Sue Bird on Your Retirement!

Undoubtedly a Hall of Famer and arguably the greatest WNBA player of All-Time, Sue Bird is hanging up her sneakers. Below are her accolades: Mazel Tov on an Unparalleled career!

Interview: From The Field to the Court – Steve & Darren Hertz

Steve Hertz did what so few could…he made it to the Major Leagues. In his four at-bats he recorded two runs, but his playing career ended there. Flashforward and his son Darren is a two-time National Champion coach with the Florida Gators basketball program. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; but…

Baruch Ha’bah Jake Bird!

Rockies pitcher Jake Bird has agreed to pitch for Team Israel baseball. Jake Bird has been added to the growing list of Jewish Major Leaguers!

Welcome Back Zack Weiss

In 2018 Zack Weiss made his MLB debut. Sadly, that was the only chance he got…or so we thought. Four years later, Weiss returned to the Majors with the Angels. Welcome back Zack! Show the world what you got!