Mount Rushmore Series: Golfers

This was one of the more difficult lists to put together. Golf has not been a sport in which Jews have traditionally shined. There are reasons for that dating back centuries but I digress. Here is the Jewish Mount Rushmore of Golfers.

download (10)

Bruce Fleisher and Amy Alcott are the clear first two heads on the the Mountain. In 1991 Fleisher was PGA Comeback Golfer of the Year. He has one PGA Tour win and 18 PGA Tour Championships. Most importantly he was the only MoT to name for quite sometime. Alcott was the same for the women. The 1975 Rookie of Year and in 1999 named to the World Golf Hall of Fame. She won 5 Majors including the US Open.

Next is Laetitia Beck is the best known Israeli golfer. Her time at Duke and the LPGA have cemented her spot on this list. She is followed by Daniel Berger. He has four wins and was the PGA Rookie of the Year in 2015. Berger has solidified himself as a major player on the tour.

Honorable Mentions: Max Homa, Morgan Pressel, and Jonathan Kaye.


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