Interview: Wrestler Simon Grimm/Gotch

NXT! NXT! NXT! The wrestling world has latched onto NXT, especially the stars it has produced. The Vaudevillians hit NXT in its prime, becoming a hated tag team that was unique and different. At the time known as Simon Gotch, alongside Aiden English, they captured the NXT Tag Team Titles. Eventually called up to the main roster, the Vaudevillians eventually split. Gotch left WWE and quickly become an Indy standout working for such promotions as Ring of Honor. Now Simon Grimm, we caught up with the elite wrestler and talked (what else?) wrestling!

1) How/when did you get into wrestling?
I started training in 2001 at APW in Hawyard California. I had always loved wrestling and after high school, I attended ECW Heatwave 2000 and decided I wanted to be a wrestler. The next summer I signed up at APW, as it was the closest school to me (96 miles each way). 
2) Often wrestlers credit their trainers. Where did you train and how did you decide on the gym?
I trained with Mike Modest, Donovan Morgan, Bison Smith and Daniel Bryan. I chose APW as it was close to my home (96 miles away) and it had just been featured in the documentary “Beyond the Mat”.
3) How did it come about that you formed the Vaudevillians?
It was a Triple H idea, he thought we looked like a team. 
4) What was the biggest challenge moving from NXT to Smackdown Live?
In NXT, they tend not to debut you until they have a plan, Smackdown is the exact opposite and that can cause guys to get lost in the shuffle. 

5) Now that you are on the Indy scene has your character evolved? How so?
I’m back to being more me and less a caricature of what someone else thinks I am
6) What has the Indy scene been like for your so far? Are there advantages and disadvantages?
I’m able to enjoy wrestling again. That outweighs any disadvantage I could imagine.

7) What was your Jewish life like growing up?
Fairly basic. My mother had converted and my father was never super devout. Many of my memories are more based around holidays and gatherings. 
8) Ever thought about being a Paul Heyman Guy?Not really my choice.
9) Who was the greater Jewish wrestler; Macho Man or Goldberg? Why?
Between the two, Macho Man. He had a great deal more diversity in his work. From in ring, to commentary, to rapping, he really was a renaissance man.

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