Interview: NY Giants Adam Bisnowaty Helping to Give Back

Adam Bisnowaty got a lot of fans of Jews in sports excited last year when drafted by the New York Giants. Immediately, he got noticed by the Jewish community for his pride in his Judaism. From the second Bisnowaty arrived in the NFL he began giving back. His newest way of helping is through Starlight. I caught up with Bisnowaty to talk NFL draft, charity work and his rising career.

1) What was it like getting drafted in the NFL last year?


Getting drafted was one of the most amazing feelings I have ever had. To be selected by a team means a lot. There are so many football players that are trying to play in the NFL and also to get drafted and to say that I am apart of that group is a honor. The day of the draft itself is probably one of the craziest days of my life but at the end I was very fortunate to have my name called and also called by such a great organization, The New York Giants.
2) You began the season on the practice squad but worked your way up to the active roster. What is the most important lesson you learned in your first season in the NFL?
The biggest lesson I have learned over my first year is to always be ready and prepared no matter what your role is on the team. I was on the practice squad all the way until the last game but I was ready every week to step on that field if they were to call my name. And when that time came I was ready to go out and play. Being able to always be ready by preparation and hard work is what got me where I am today and eventually allowed me to see the field the last week of the season.
3) What can we expect from Adam Bisnowaty in year two? How good can the Giants be?
I am ready to go! I have been training hard this off-season getting ready to hit the field and ready to compete. We are all very excited to get back on the field and show everyone who the New York Giants are. Last year was last year and we plan to show everyone how good we can be. 
4) What is it like working with a QB Eli Manning on a daily basis? Is there more pressure blocking for a future Hall of Fame QB?
When working with Eli you are working with the best, period. I have never meet someone so knowledgeable about the game and its great to be around other people with the same goals in mind. For me I look up to him because he has done what we all want and that’s to win a super bowl. 
5) You seem to be involved in community service. Do you feel a sense of responsibility as a NFL player to give back?
I love to give back to the community. No matter what level of ball I was playing I always felt the need and want to go and help others. Most people look at their days and say I have no time to do anything. I try and look at it as every minute and second count so instead of sitting around the house for an hour or two why not go make a difference. And to be honest I enjoy all the moments I get with all those people probably more than they do. Its too easy to smile and have a conversation and boy does that go a long way.
6) Tell us about your work with Starlight and why you got involved?
I started getting involved with starlight through a company I work close with called Athletes for Hope. What they do is go out and find things in the community for athletes like myself to go and give back. So one of the events I did was with starlight with their campaign for the hospital gowns. After going and handing these gowns out I loved the idea and I was able to see it first hand with these children loving the new style they got to rock around the hospital. The gowns made it easier for them to be in the hospital but also gave them a feeling of not being in the hospital rather at home. So once I shared my views to starlight we wanted to create a better bond and at that point they created the create your own gown contest which for every gown that was drawn, a gown was donated by Michaels.  This was awesome! I was able to go visit some kids and sit down and draw some new designs and they were just so happy. This is just one program that starlight does for these children. But what they are doing is great. No one wants to be in the hospital and starlight it trying to make the experience better in any way possible. This is why I love working with them so much.
7) Anything else TGR fans should know about Adam Bisnowaty? Where can we follow you in social media?
Overall, I love what I do and love getting to share my experiences with other people. I am always looking for new things to do to give back and would love to hear what people are thinking. 
I’m on twitter @the_biz_show and Instagram @adam_bisnowaty

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