Interview: Wrestler Maxwell Jacob Friedman is Better Than You

I recently interviewed David Starr and started following his twitter account and the promotion AAW. They posted a killer promo (below) of a new up and coming wrestler MJF or he is better known as Maxwell Jacob Friedman. I had to reach out. This guy has major potential written all over him. Trained by some of the best and now taking his persona to bigger promotions. MJF is the real deal; just ask him.
1) How did you get started in wrestling?
I started as a fan. The first match I ever watched was when I begged my dad to buy a wrestling DVD from Hollywood video and on the top of the DVD I saw this guy that looked like a zombie. That turned out to be the Undertaker. And I thought the coolest sounding match was Hell in a Cell so why not start with that? So the first match I ever saw was Undertaker vs Mankind.

2) You were trained by Pat Buck and Curt Hawkins. Why did you choose their schooling for your development?

I had googled local professional wrestling schools and CAP came up first. When I saw that Curt Hawkins was a trainer at the school I got excited because I was a fan of the Edgeheads (…mainly Zack Ryder) and so I knew that was the school I wanted to go to.

3) Describe your character and where you get your inspiration from?

I am a rich pompous asshole from Long Island who was given everything he wanted and the only thing driving him as a wrestler and to succeed is to prove everyone he’s better than them. I grew up around a lot of people like that in my school and I draw a lot of inspiration from Piper and Flair as well.

4) Who on the Indy scene are you hoping to step into the ring with?
Cody Rhodes, Keith Lee, or Marty Scurll

5) Who would be your other 4 in a traditional WWE Survivor Series match?
Ace Romero, Zachary Wentz, Bear Bronson, and Stokely Hathaway

6) You are the CZW Wired Champion. What does that title mean to you and what are your plans as champion?

It means I’m one of the best in professional wrestling going today and I’m going to continue that night after night as I defend this title.

7) What was your Jewish life like growing up?

Not the easiest. I really love my religion and my culture, but being Jewish can put a target on your back. I was made fun of as a kid sometimes, I can recall times where kids threw rolls of quarters at me and told me, “pick it up Jew boy”. And while that’s awful, it made me stronger as a person and makes me proud now that I can be a successful Jewish man for people to connect with.

8) Has Judaism played a role in your wrestling career?

While I wear it proudly on my arm and my trunks, I try not to bring religion into wrestling or my gimmick. I want people to judge me based strictly on me, my talents, and ability. However, if asked about my culture and religion, I love to talk about it.

9) Where can TGR find you on social media or anything else you want to promote?

You can find me on twitter and Instagram at @the_MJF or you can find me at any major or local wrestling show. Shalom!


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