OyChicago: Have you been Tebowed lately?

Have you been Tebowed lately? photo 1

While it would be easy to ignore the craze, Tim Tebow-mania is everywhere. As I like to say, he is the “best, worst player I have ever seen.” While he throws a horrible deep ball, he misses receivers like no one else ever has, and his reckless style will eventually get him hurt, the kid is a winner. Tebow wins. And the last time I checked, winning is what pro football is all about.

Clearly Tebow is not Jewish. In fact, he is a firm believer in Christianity. But what Tebow has done has brought religion, prayer, and deep faith onto the 50 yard line. Do his prayers help the Broncos win? Is God watching down on them and protecting Tebow and his teammates? I am not sure, but it certainly hasn’t hurt. If anything, it seems to have centered Tebow and kept him focus. No one has been more watched and scrutinized. Yet, Tebow remained confident and poised. He remained centered. His faith was a big part of that.

If God and religion certainly have a place on the field, Tebow has used it to help himself. Now he has a football and religious following. Tebow has helped draw attention to faith and hopefully to a better world (even the football world). A world with less players that stomp on people’s heads and instead play with a healthy competitive edge. He has helped players find an outward connection to their faith. And maybe, just maybe, this will rub off on the Jewish athletes.

Have you been Tebowed lately? photo 2

While I hate what he did to the Bears this weekend and while I think there are so many problems with his game, he wins, he is fun to watch, and ultimately he is a role model. So yes I have been Tebowed and I am on board to watch the Broncos play and pray their way into the playoffs.

And Let Us Say…Amen.


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