Interview: Football and Lingerie with Eliese Zukelman

Happy Valentine’s day. That’s right we are celebrating Valentine’s day here at TGR. Now I know it goes against most of TGR’s beliefs, but I also have a wife so I am obligated to celebrate. So, I needed to do something special for the men on the day they have to do all this lovey dovey stuff. I decided to do some research about the most beautiful women in sports. And guess what I found? The Lingerie Football League. Many years back you may recall a half time special that included women in lingerie playing football. Well now it is a league. Check it out How many of you just bookmarked it? Anyway, there are ten teams mostly consisting of beautiful women who played sports at some point in their lives.

TGR began emailing the crap out of the league looking for a Jewish connection. And we found one. Eliese Zukelman. She plays for the Tampa Breeze. She is Jewish. And she probably just stole every Jewish male Sportsfan’s heart. Below is my interview with her. Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s day.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m 21 years old, Born in Miami lakes Florida. I’m almost done with my associates in Journalism; I also ride horses and am head over heels in Love with football.

2) What got you into Lingerie football?
The aspect of both looks and athletic ability, It was such an interesting concept that I thought had mass appeal. My first thought was what a great feeling to be a part of something in its inaugural season.

3) Did you play sports growing up? 
I did, I was a gymnast and played recreational flag football in my local community in Palm Beach.

4) How does Lingerie football help your career and what type of exposure/ perks are there to being in the league? 
I really don’t look at it as a career, how you can call something a job when you love it so much. I’m not going to lie I’ve had some exposure from it and it’s nice but it isn’t why I am a part of it

5) How does the team look? Do you have any personal and team goals this year?
The Tampa breeze team looks amazing, we have so many athletes on our team it is unreal, really talented girls that love the sport just as much as I do. Our goal is to make it to the playoffs and win it all.

6) What do you do besides play football?
Go to school for journalism, I have a lot of time for both family and animals 🙂

7) Can you tell me a little bit about the league and how it got started? 
The league is still in its early stages this being the inaugural season and all, but there is already in the works expansions with the Orlando team next season.

8) What is your Jewish life like? Did you grow up in a Jewish home? 
When I was younger there was a lot of temple in my life as I’ve gotten older not so much which is unfortunate but we still celebrate the holidays together.

9) I am sure most of my readers will want to know…are you single? What do you look for in a nice Jewish boy? 
Yes I am, They have to pass the parent test ,which is only the first check on their list , Someone that is responsible , has career goals and shares good values on life ,just an all around great person , That’s not too much to ask for right ? 🙂

10) Lastly if you could play against one NFL player who would it be?
Tom Brady, and for that I might just stand still in aw, that just may be the reason I understand why men come and watch us play lingerie football.

Thanks to Eliese for the interview.

And Let Us Say…A…Please pray for my wife not to be mad at me.
-Jeremy Fine


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