Interview: TGR All American Dane Diliegro

Today we have one of our TGR All Americans Dane Diliegro. Dane was nice enough to spend some time answering some questions. He seems ready for a big season.

The Great Rabbino: Hey Dane thanks for being here and spending time on with TGR.

Dane Diliegro: No problem, anything for the Jewish people.

TGR: Could you tell us a little bit about your basketball career?

Dane: I’m a junior at the UNH, and I’ve been the center there since my freshman year. Its been a lot of fun getting better and improving my game over the years.

TGR: What drew you to playing at New Hampshire? Did you have other offers?

Dane: I had one other offer at a division II school called University of New Haven.. oddly UNH as well.

TGR: What was it like playing and winning at the Maccabi games? Was there good comradery with the other guys?

Dane: Oh yes, we are all very close still to this day. It was a lot of fun. Dan Grunfeld and Todd Golden were amongst some of my closest buddies. Winning the gold was a thrilling as well.

TGR: Was there one Jewish ball player that was head and shoulders above the rest? How was Coach Pearl?

Dane: Dan Grunfeld was the most talented player there. He won MVP of the tournament and is clearly a very experienced basketball player. Coach pearl was great. A true gentlemen. He kept us all poised and ready to play at all times while also sticking to what we had to do. He is a great guy and I’d love to work with him again.

TGR: Did your experience at the Maccabi games enhance your Judaism? Do you feel more connected religiously or culturally?

Dane: Yes, seeing all of the sights such as the Western Wall, Massada, and the Dead Sea were all very religious experiences. I had a great time and definitely feel closer to my religion. It meant a lot to be there.

TGR: Who is the best player you have ever played against or guarded? What was that like?

Dane: Carmelo Anthony, he was a very talented player. There wasn’t much I could do against him at the time.

TGR: Who is your pre-season team to watch to win it all?

Dane: I’m always a huge Syracuse fan. I really like Kansas this year.

TGR: Dane thanking you for helping out TGR. Good luck this season we will be following.

Dane: Thank you.

And Let Us Say…Amen.
-Jeremy Fine


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