Interview: Author Howard Megdal

I stumbled across a book awhile ago called The Baseball Talmud. So I reached out to the author Howard Megdal. He is a very funny guy as you will see from his interview. There is a link to the book’s Amazon page below, as well as on the side of the blog. Enjoy.

The Great Rabbino: Howard Megdal, let me welcome you to The Great Rabbino. We are excited to have you on the blog.

Howard Megdal: It is an honor to speak to royalty, and I humble myself before The Great Rabbino.

TGR: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Megdal: I’m a 6’3″ Caucasian male. I write for,, and a haiku recapping every Mets game at I love corn muffins.

TGR: You wrote a book called “The Baseball Talmud”. Tell us a little bit about the book and why you decided to write on the topic?

Megdal: Well, I’ve always been intensely interested in Jewish baseball players- the chance to reflect upon all of them, both anecdotally and statistically, was a siren song of a project.

TGR: Why should people read your book?

Megdal: To learn, to laugh, to be entertained. You may even learn to love again- I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

TGR: What are your Jewish and sports affiliations?

Megdal: I am Reform Jew, Orthodox New York Mets.

TGR: Any plans for another book?

Megdal: Indeed- cooking up varying schemes with my agent. Probably, it will be baseball-related.

TGR: Thank you for spending time with TGR. Anything else you would like to add?

Megdal: Yes- I am currently booking Men’s Clubs for the fall and spring- happy to provide references upon request. For a reasonable honorarium, I will make your Sunday morning lox taste even better- and it’s hard to improve lox. I can be reached at

To purchase The Baseball Talmud click here.

And Let Us Say…Amen.
-Jeremy Fine


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