Interview: Jewish All American Jonathan Abramson


Every year the Jewish Sports Review names a Baseball Jewish All American team. This year University of San Francisco’s relief pitcher Jonathan Abramson was named to the team. USF happens to be the Alma Mater of Chicago White Sox Jewish pitcher Aaron Poreda.

The future looks bright for this pitcher. Originally from Brentwood California, he is now spending his summer pitching for the Alexandria Aces in Cal Ripken Sr. League this summer. Number 18 has baseball in his blood. His grandfather, Robert, played ball at Georgia.

Via Facebook, Abramson was nice enough to answer some questions for The Great Rabbino. Below is the interview

TGR: Hello Jonathan how is it going? Congratulations on being named to the Jewish All American Team. When did you start playing baseball?

Jonathan: I’ve been playing baseball since… T-ball so I guess five or six years old. I didn’t start pitching until I was 9.

TGR: Do you have aspirations of playing in the big leagues? If so, any team you would like to play for?

Jonathan: Playing in the big leagues is obviously the dream, if I were ever lucky enough to have that opportunity I’d be stoked playing just about anywhere but my favorite team has always been the San Francisco Giants.

TGR: How did you find out about being named to the Jewish Sports Review All American team? Was it meaningful? Have you received any other awards?

Jonathan: I actually found out through a friend who had seen an article about it on another team’s website. I really wasn’t notified and might not have known if he hadn’t seen this article. Any time someone names you to an award list I think it is meaningful, and I’m proud of being recognized on this list.

TGR: You told me that only you father is Jewish. Did you practice Judaism at all inside the home? Have you ever been to Israel?

Jonathan: My Dad is Jewish, and his parents were practicing, but our family has never really been religious, more secular. We celebrate Hanukah as well as Christmas every year. I am able to recite the Hanukah blessing but that is about the extent of my knowledge of Hebrew. I have never been to Israel but I have several friends who have been and my catcher in high school played on a Jewish summer team there, he loved it.

TGR: Alright, thank you for taking time to be interviewed by The Great Rabbino. Good luck and go Bulls!

Jonathan: Lastly- they made a mistake on the list, I go to the University of San Francisco (USF), not South Florida so… Go Dons!

Once again thank you to Abramson for helping us out. Good luck in the future. Hope to see you in the bigs some day. If you want to learn more information about Abramson click on the link below.

And Let Us Say…Amen.
-Jeremy Fine


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