Interview: Penn’s Drew Goldsmith

After searching and emailing the entire country for the best Jewish college football players in the country I have gotten to know and email with a few of these talented athletes. One of the nicer guys of the group was Penn’s Drew Goldsmith (his brother Neil is also a football player). Drew was nice enough to grant us an interview. He has a bright future whether it happens on or off the field. Below is an interview with one of the TGR All Americans.

The Great Rabbino: Hey Drew thanks for joining us on The Great Rabbino.

Drew Goldsmith: Hey It’s an honor to be here.

TGR: Tell us a little bit about your college football career. Were you highly recruited in High School?

Drew: Out of high school I made it my priority to use football for a great education so I didn’t pursue any D-1 offers. I was highly recruited by both Penn and Harvard and ultimately it came down to Penn. We’ve had a few tough years here, many close losses but the program is getting much better. Last year was my first year starting and I feel like I played pretty well, led the team in sacks. I gained a lot of weight this off-season but during camp I was diagnosed with a blood clot and will be red-shirting this year. It was a huge disappointment for me but I’ll be back next year.

TGR: Can you evaluate Penn Football season so far. What is the biggest game of season for you guys?

Drew: We’ve had two games. We lost a close one to #2 ranked Villanova and lost in overtime to Lafayette. They are both great teams but so are we, I think we will do very well this season as the ivy schedule starts up this week. Princeton has been a great rival for years but I would say the games we look forward to the most are against Harvard and Yale.

TGR: Which football player does your game most resemble? Who is your favorite player of all-time?

Drew: Personally I like to think I play like Jared Allen, he’s a great pass rusher and that’s what I enjoy the most. My favorite player of all-time is definitely Tom Brady though, I was born in Boston so I have a right to be a Pat’s fan.

TGR: Besides football what are some of your favorite activities?

Drew: I’m a huge movie buff, so between football, class and watching movies there’s not much time for anything else.

TGR: What was your Jewish life like growing up? Did it ever conflict with Football?

Drew: Growing up I would go to Hebrew school twice a week and my grandparents would host all the holidays. I had my bar mitzvah in a small town where we were the only Jewish family. There weren’t many conflicts with football, but it was strange being the only Jewish football player on the team, until I got to college that is.

TGR: What do you see yourself doing after your football career is over?

Drew: I would definitely pursue pro football if I have the opportunity in two years but more likely I will get into Sales and Trading with my Finance degree.

TGR: Drew thank you for spending some time with TGR. We will follow the Quakers closely and hopefully you guys will finish the season strong.

Drew: Thank you very much.

And Let Us Say…Amen.
-Jeremy Fine


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