Who is (was) In?

Players (MEN):

  1. Brandon Lieb (Illinois)
  2. Jack Siedler (UCLA)
  3. Yarin Hasson (UConn) – Israeli
  4. Blake Peters (Princeton)
  5. Lior Berman (Auburb)
  6. Amari Bailey (UCLA) – Mom Converted Out
  7. Emmanuel Sharp (Houston) – Not Jewish / Israeli

Players (WOMEN):

  1. Abby Meyers (Maryland)
  2. Yarden Garzon (Indiana)
  3. Lior Garzon (Oklahoma State)
  4. Sophie Gerber (Colorado)


  1. Todd Golden (Florida)
  2. Jon Scheyer (Duke)
  3. Bruce Pearl (Auburn)
  4. Steven Pearl (Auburn Assistant)
  5. Skyelar Ettin (Princeton Assistant)

FANS! If you have any other names to include email us at TheGreatRabbino@gmail.com


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