Israeli Gold Medals

This summer Israel took several Gold Medals in European Championships!

In aquatics “Israeli swimmer Anastasia Gorbenko .. defended her title in the 200-meter individual medley stopping the clock at 2 minutes and 10.92 seconds at the 2022 European Aquatics Championships in Rome” (Israel Hayom).

While over in Munich, Artem Dolgopyat took Gold in Artistic Gymnastics Men’s Floor and Dmytro Dotsenko in Men’s Junior Horizontal Bar. Finally, the Men’s Marathon Team also took home the Gold with Girmaw Amare, Gashau Ayale, Yimer Getahun, Bukayawe Malede, Omer Ramon, and Maru Teferi. Israel also had 1 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals.

Mazel Tov to all the competitors!


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