Jewish Stories to Watch for in the NFL

Here are 5 stories to watch for as we begin the NFL season.

  1. Josh Rosen Done ? – Rosen has bounced around a bit as a backup quarterback never meeting the 1st round expectations. Rosen is currently with the Browns who are without DeShaun Watson for most of the season. Can Rosen hang on or will he end up elsewhere? With the XFL looming, could a player like Rosen get a shot to prove he belongs?
  2. Greg Joseph in a Dome – Joseph has shown he can kick and with a Vikings game winner last season, Joseph seems to have found a home. US Bank Stadium is a dome and will likely benefit Joseph who could end up in the top 10 kickers in Fantasy football this year.
  3. Anthony Firkser in Hotlanta – Firkser has shown grown promise over the last few season. Now in Atlanta can he take the next step? Behind Kyle Pitts, Firkser should see balls his way.
  4. Michael Dunn’s Blocking Power – Dunn is now a fixture on the Browns line. But he has a big job to fill. With Watson out, though even with him, protecting the QB in Cleveland is priority number one. Can Dunn become an elite NFLer.
  5. The Hype Around AJ Dillon – Is this Dillon’s breakout year? Dillon has shown flashes but 2022 he may be able to burst out into the spotlight. Watch out for AJ Dillon.


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