NCAA Men’s Tournament

Here is a look as to who is confirmed in the NCAA March Madness tournament (some have since been eliminated):


  1. Lior Berman – Auburn
  2. Brandon Lieb – Illinois
  3. Zach Light – Colgate
  4. Max Thorpe – Florida State
  5. Michael Feinberg – Yale


  1. Bruce Pearl (Head Coach) – Auburn
  2. Todd Golden (Head Coach) – San Francisco
  3. Steven Pearl (Assistant)- Auburn
  4. Jonathan Safir (Assistant) – San Franciso
  5. Jon Scheyer (Assistant) – Duke
  6. Larry Brown (Assistant) – Memphis
  7. Dave Klatsky (Assistant) – Colgate
  8. Michael Schwartz (Assistant) – Tennessee
  9. Justin Simon (Assistant) – Yale
  10. Matt Elkin (Dir. of Op) -Yale

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