Who is Next? 2022 Edition

We haven’t done this in a while but we wanted to see who was the next big Jewish athlete. We took into account where they were currently in their careers and the ability to play longer and professionally. We tried to find some potential WNBA stars and more basketball/football players. Head over to JewishBaseballNews.com for more baseball players and emails names you missed! Here are our top 5!

5) Jacob Steinmetz – Steinmetz was a 3rd round draft pick of the Diamondbacks. He had a lot of media surrounding his Jewish upbringing but it his arm that is most impressive.

4) Michael Dunn – Dunn had his first full season in the NFL playing in 14 games and starting 2 for the Cleveland Browns.

3) Yam Madar – Drafted two years ago by the Boston Celtics, Madar is still in Israel hoping for a shot in the NBA soon!

2)Luke Hughes – Hughes, the 3rd of the brothers, was the 4th overall pick in the 2019 NHL Draft. He spent the season at Michigan but is not far away from joining his brothers on the ice.

1)Josh Wolf – Wolf has a shot to be the next big Jewish pitching arm. There is a reason the Guardians wanted him in the Lindor deal. He has looked sharp in his minimal minor league exposure.

Honorable Mentions: Royce Isaacs (Pro Wrestler Not in WWE or AEW), Noah Schacther (Ranked 115th in singles at Texas A&M), and Chet Holmgren ( #1 recruit at Gonzaga but we have only heard rumors he was Jewish. No confirmation).


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