Mount Rushmore Series: Football Coaches

For the moment this will be the last of a year long series called The Mount Rushmore Series. Checkout our new Super Fans Series.

Today we look at Football coaches. The list was not so long but it begins with the legend Marv Levy. When one thinks of the Buffalo Bills, Levy might be the name that comes to mind. While he never won a Super Bowl he did make it to four Super Bowls in a row. Revered as loving coach, Levy captured the heart of the NFL.

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Next is Marc Trestman. Trestman is a legend in Canada. 2-time CFL Coach of the Year and 3 Grey Cups, Trestman did not have the same success with the Chicago Bears. He bounced around the NFL with the Dolphins, Ravens, Vikings and more as an Assistant.

Tony Levine also does not have the wins but he became one of the Head Coach at a major college program at Houston. His work on the Offensive side of the ball is well credited. He also briefly was an Assistant for the Panthers. Levine has left football for time being.

We end the list with former Rams/Chargers/Oilers Head Coach Sid Gillman. Gillman is a Charger legend and won the 1963 AFL Championship. He is also a member of the College and Pro Football Hall of Fames.

Honorable Mentions: Al Davis (Raiders), Allie Sherman (Giants)


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