Mount Rushmore Series: Male Olympians

This was a tough Mount Rushmore to decide. Number 1 was easy. Mark Spitz is easily one of the greatest American athletes of all-time. Before Michael Phelps came on the scene, Spitz was the greatest swimmer of all-time. Staying with swimming is Gold Medalists Lenny Krayzelburg and Jason Lezak. Both had incredible careers in the pool. Gal Fridman is the final member to this incredible four. Israel’s first Gold Medalist in in 2004 in the sport of Windsurfing. He also has a Bronze Medal to his name.

download (8)

Honorable Mentions: Anthony Ervin (Swimming), Or Sasson (Judo), Charlie White (Ice Skating), Garret Weber-Gale (Swimming), Ernie Grunfeld (Basketball), and Mark Midler (Fencing).

Others to Note: We considered others who will hopefully play in this summer Olympics including Ian Kinsler (Baseball), Danny Valencia (Baseball), and Ryan Lavarnway (Baseball).


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