Rare Jewish Sports Cards

Today we take a look at some rare Jewish cards. These are not rare in the sense of old or valuable rather limited released odd cards that are not in traditional sets. Enjoy!

Honorable Mentions: Robbie E (TriStar TNA), Doron Scheffer (Skybox UConn), Marc Trestman (Topps XFL), Marc Bercovici (Topps AAFL), and Nate Ebner (Panini Ohio State).

10. Sam Nahem never had a pro baseball card. However, the Dodgers with Target Corporation but out a 100 Anniversary Dodgers team and Nahem made it. The card is flimsy and rare but it exists.

9. Current MLB pitcher Robert Stock was one of the best High School players in the country…as a catcher. The baseball prodigy has an Aflac All-American card made by Topps.

8. Nancy Lieberman (Cline) has a handful of cards including her USA Olympic card an WNBA. But this awesome Queen of the Court Old Dominion card is the coolest and most unique.

7. Amare Stoudemire has had many NBA cards but in a limited release the BIG 3 put out trading cards. Stoudemire got his playing with Tri-State.

6. Mark Gilbert played briefly in the Major Leagues. While he didn’t have a Major League card he had several minor league cards. Gilbert later went on to be the United States Ambassador to New Zealand.

5. Thelma “Tiby” Eisen played for the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. Fristch made cards for the league and Tiby got her only baseball card.

4. Jon Scheyer was on the cover of Sports Illustrated but never had a professional basketball card. However, he has a Topps McDonalds All-American card.

3. Alex Bregman is a baseball giant these days. But before all of his Major League success he had a Bowman USA Baseball card.

2. McDonalds took their shot at their own cards. Andre Tippett and Brad Edelman both received cards in this icon set.

  1. By far and away the most valuable of these cards is the Bill Goldberg Georgia Bulldog card. This card trends over $100 on Ebay.


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