Mount Rushmore Series: MLB

In many ways the Jewish MLB decision will be the toughest decision to make. Of course, Sandy Koufax and Hank Greenberg top the list. Arguably baseball’s greatest pitcher and one of its iconic hitters are on all Jewish MLB Mount Rushmores and potentially an all-time Jewish sports Mount Rushmore.

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We then went with Shawn Green. What was so clear about Green is that he is the bridge from Koufax to the modern era. We valued his stardom and power during a time where young Jews did not have many Jewish athletes to look up to.

We capped off the list with Alex Bregman. While he is still young and anything could happen, his projection is to be the 3rd greatest Jewish player of all-time and potentially surpassing Greenberg as #2.

Others considered where Ryan Braun, Al Rosen, Ian Kinsler, and Ken Holtzman. All of them were real options, especially Braun and Rosen, but they feel short. Happy debating!


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