Interview: Fighting for More than Himself – David Kaminsky

Boxing is back in the blood of the Jewish people. While historically Jews were important to the sport, recent history would say otherwise. But now Jews are fighting again. Maybe no one’s future in the sport is brighter than the young David Kaminsky. Here is his story.


1) Tell TGR readers a little bit about yourself.

My name is David Kaminsky, nicknamed “Lion of Zion” I am professional boxer with a record of 5-0 as a pro. I’m 19 years old and got signed to Top Rank when I was 17 years old. I had a record of 94 wins and 8 losses as an amateur. 12x National Champion. 1x International Gold medalist. Ranked #1 in the country for 3 years in 5 different weight classes. 

2) You grew up in Israel where boxing is not a huge sport. What led you to boxing?

I was born in the beautiful country of Israel and a small city named Netanya. I lived there for 4 years and came to United States when I was 4 in 2004. My father was a huge fighter in the Soviet Union, had 157 fights and 75 of them were with no headgear. My father was and is my role model for my whole life. That is the one person I look up too. Without him I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. He deserves all of the credit for most of the accomplishments I have achieved.

3) Did you move to California to be more competitive? Where do you train today?

My family made the decision to move to United States when I was 4 years old. I didn’t really have a choice where to live. My family moved here to start a new chapter in life and my parents wanted my sister and I to be safe and live a good life; not worrying about the terror attacks in Israel.

4) You are the second-youngest fighter Bob Arum’s company has ever signed. What has that relationship meant to you?

It’s truly one of the greatest feelings to be unique and signed to the biggest company in boxing history. Bob Arum “Top Rank” is an amazing company and I’m blessed and thankful to be with them and a great manager like Egis Klimas.

5) 5-0. Which has been the biggest and toughest fight?

I’d say my first fight was the hardest for me, I cut to much weight just cause of miscommunications and mistakes in the fight contract. So, it wasn’t a good rehydration process for me in my first fight.  

6) What is next for you and what are your long term goals?

My next fight is November 9th in Fresno, CA. I’m not looking ahead, I take every fight, step by step. But of course the main goal is to be World Champion. 

7) Can Israeli boxing grow? Do you have plans to return to Israel?

I want to make everyone know that anyone can fight, it doesn’t matter what race or who you are. If you work hard and you are dedicated, anyone can fight. And I will make sure Israeli boxing will blow up after my career.  

8) Where can people find you on social media?

My instagram is : officialdavidkaminsky / Facebook: David Kaminsky / Snapchat: David_champion


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