Interview: From Green Bay to Cleveland This Man Was Born to Manage Football – Eliot Wolf

I began an autographed football helmet collection a few years ago. It started with Ron Wolf, a NFL Hall of Famer. But not too far behind is his son, Eliot, making quick waves in the NFL. The Assistant GM for the Cleveland Browns, even at a young age has been considered for some of the top positions in the NFL. How can you not love him? Humble, kind, and football in his veins. Wolf’s future is bright and may even be brighter than his father’s legacy.  We got to talk with Wolf and excited to share his story with you.


1)What was it like growing up in a football household? 

It was a great opportunity to grow up being around the game and being around some successful teams. It gave me a unique advantage when it came time to pursue career opportunities.

2) After college you went straight into working for the Packers. Was football management always something you wanted to do?

All I really ever wanted to do was scout. Fortunately, I have been able to live my dream. As I’ve been fortunate enough to ascend in the business with added responsibilities, I still consider myself a scout at heart and try to never get too far away from player evaluation.

3) You knew the Packers organization well. Was it hard being there knowing your father was a Packers legend?

It really wasn’t. I always look at my father’s success as a cool thing and an advantage. I attempted to come up the right way by working hard and being honest and treating people the right way. The other thing that I’ve never tried to do is to compare myself to my dad in a competitive way.

4)  In 2018 you moved over to Cleveland. Are you enjoying your role as the Assistant General Manager for the Browns?

Yes, it has been fun to build something from the ground up and while we still have a long way to go, we’re excited about some of the progress we’ve made in attempting to turn this thing around.

5) The “New” Browns have been exciting to watch and look to have turned a corner. What have been the main factors to the culture change?

The people. We have tried to surround ourselves in the front office, coaching staff, and players alike with good people who want to win who love football.

6) The Browns have a lot of talented players in the spotlight. Who is one player on the team that is crucial to your success that flies under the radar a bit?

Our left guard Joel Bitonio is one of the best guards in football and has largely been overlooked in his career due to playing on a losing team.

7)  What was your Jewish life like growing up and how do you connect today?

I grew up in Green Bay which has a rather small Jewish community, but that’s what I loved about it: the sense of community and family we had at our synagogue.

8) What are the expectations for the Browns this season?

“Expectations” are a funny word in this business. To me, you either win or you lose. What we’d like to achieve is to battle every play regardless of the score and ultimately good things will happen.



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