Interview: ECHLer and Former UConn Iceman – Max Kalter

It is always a pleasure meeting with up and coming Jewish athletes. But it is even more special when they grew up just down the street from me (Max grew up at my parents’ synagogue). Max Kalter just finished up at UConn and now is in the ECHL playing for the Kansas City Mavericks. He is proud of his Judaism and has a deep passion for the game of Hockey. We are looking forward to big things from Max. Check out the interview below!

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1) Tell TGR about yourself.
My name is Max Kalter, from Highland Park, Illinois. I have an older brother Zach and a younger sister Sydney. Mom is Jill and dad is Mitch. 
2) When did you get into hockey? What was the competition like on the North Side of Chicago?
I started playing hockey when I was 3 years old, because my dad introduced it to my brother and I, and I wanted to do whatever my brother did. Growing up I had a blast playing hockey(still do). I played for the Highland Park Falcons up until my peewee minor year where I made the jump to AAA and played for the Chicago Young Americans.
3) What led you to UConn? How was that experience?
When I was playing juniors in Sioux City, I got recruited by UConn. I wanted the best of both worlds, good hockey and also a good education. My 4 years at UConn were truly amazing. I made some best friends there and some unbelievable memories. 
4) You are now in the ECHL with Kansas City. How has that transition been?
So I’ve been in playing for Kansas City for about 2 weeks now and love it here. The guys have welcomed me with open arms and I’m really fortunate to have had such a wonderful experience so far. I’d say the hockey is much different. Guys are a lot stronger and always seem to be in the right position, but so far I think I’ve adjusted and learned how to play at this level. 
5) What are your long term hockey goals?
I definitely want to play moving forward, whether it is in North America or Europe, hockey is in my future. 
6) You played in the International Maccabi Games. What was that experience like representing USA in Israel?
The Maccabi Games is something I’m most proud of. To represent my religion and also my country at the same time is something that I’ll never forget. The bond from hockey is already so strong especially when its for your country, but the fact that everyone on the team was Jewish, the bond took little to no time. 
7) What was your Jewish life like growing up?
Growing up I attended my local Synagogue, Beth El. I went to Hebrew school twice a week at night for two hours and tried to learn as much as I could. For the holidays we always went to my grandparents house and would have the best meals after the services. Love me my brisket! 
8) Where can our readers follow you on social media?
I have all forms of social media! My instagram account is mkalter18 and my twitter handle is @KalterMax. if you’re not sure if it’s me or not, just look at the pictures! you’ll see me playing hockey or some kind of activity!

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