Interview: WWE’s First Israeli Wrestler Noam Dar

My Inbox filled up when people got word that WWE would finally have an Israeli wrestler. Welcome to WWE’s “New Era” which features the top independent wrestlers from all over the world. Some have gone to NXT and others straight to the main roster. But Noam Dar and a slew of cruiserweights are getting their start in the Global Cruiserweight Championship. Dar is one of the favorites to win. He is charismatic and athletically gifted. Having wrestled all over the world and against top guys like AJ Styles, Dar should do Israel proud. He is already off and running having won his first match. We caught up with Dar to learn more about the Israeli born pro wrestler.

1) Tell TGR a little bit about yourself?
My names Noam Dar, I’m 22, I’m half Israeli half Scottish born in Tel-Aviv and now living in Scotland have been here (Scotland) since aged 5, I’m a professional wrestler and have been working since age 14.

2) Did you train to be a wrestler in Israel?

No, I wasn’t exposed to wrestling until quite late on in my life, around the age of 11. I started training age 14 at the PBW Academy ( here in Scotland. 

3) What is the pro-wrestling Israeli scene like?

I know a few guys over there who compete on the Israeli scene, for the most part it seems to be doing well. Some of the companies put out good product and seem to invest in their training and performance, I hope it continues to grow.

4) Once televised you will officially be the first Israeli to wrestle on a WWE show. What does that mean to you?

A huge honour for sure. To be able to represent not one but two home nations is overwhelming but to actually be the first Israeli born to perform on WWE is something I’ll hold dear for the rest of my life.

5) Are there other Israeli wrestlers we should know about?
I worked with a few good guys over there when I took a training seminar & watched some local shows, I was impressed with Gery Roif & a wrestler called “Chanel” like I said, it’s mostly a bunch of good guys who are all on the same page and only want to improve and help create a good Independent scene in Israel.

6) There are not a lot of Jews in professional wrestling, but those who have entered the squared circle have done well (i.e. Randy Savage, Kane, Goldberg, etc). How far can you make it in the WWE?

I’m honestly not too sure, I’m not the most overly confident guy but I do believe in keeping the head down and working away consistently. In terms of time I feel like I have many years to progress and flourish as a performer, I just hope I can do that whilst with the WWE.

7) Who will be your toughest opponent in the Global Cruiserweight Championship? Have you faced any of the competitors before?
Only a handful of competitors have been confirmed so far and most of them I have competed against. I’d say Zack Sabre Jr will be up there with the toughest of opponents, he’s also someone that’s helped me loads over the years so if things fall into place and we can square off in this tournament then that be really cool, until he breaks a limb I didn’t know I had haha! 
8) What comes after the Global Cruiserweight Championship?
My main goal is to put in good performances in this tournament and do the UK scene, Scotland & Israel proud. There’s so many fantastic wrestlers in the UK so representing them well is important to me, beyond that I’m trying not to get too anxious about what could be next.

9) Who is your favorite wrestler of all time? Who would you most like to face in WWE?

My favourite wrestler of all time is Eddie Guerrero, he’s the guy I loved watching as a kid and who I found most inspiring, someone who could truly do it all. If I could face anyone in WWE it would be John Cena, Triple H & Finn Balor, in no specific order.

10) Triple threat match; Goldberg, Macho Man and Kane. Who wins?

Macho Man! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeaahhhhhhhh
Best of luck to Noam and his journey with WWE and pro wrestling.

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