OyChicago: Green, Bonds, and Clemens on the Hall of Fame Ballot


This year’s Baseball Hall of Fame ballot has been released and it’s headlined by Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Both will be a true test to the steroid era as Bonds and Clemens are arguably the best hitter and pitcher respectively who ever lived (please note that I wrote arguably).

But we here at The Great Rabbino are less concerned about Bonds and Clemens and more concerned about first-time ballot nominee Jewish baseball player Shawn Green! In all honesty, Green does not have much of a chance of making the Hall of Fame but it’s nice to see his name on the list. Other first time nods include a handful of former White Sox (Royce Clayton, Sandy Alomar Jr., Roberto Hernandez, David Wells, Sammy Sosa, Kenny Lofton, and Julio Franco) for more click HERE.

So let’s look at where Green stacks up and does he at least have a chance of getting on the ballot more than once.

Shawn Green – .283BA, 328HR, 162SB, 1070RBI, 2003H

NEW TO BALLOT (some of the players)

Barry Bonds – .298BA, 762HR, 1996RBI, 514SB, .607SLG, 7MVPs

Mike Piazza – .308BA, 427HR, 1335RBI, .545SLG, RoY

Craig Biggio – .281BA, 291HR, 414SB, 1844R

Sandy Alomar Jr. – .273BA, 112HR, 588RBI, RoY

Julio Franco – .298BA, 173HR, 2586H, 1194RBI, 917W

Rondell White – .284, 198HR, 1519H, 768RBI

Steve Finley – .271BA, 304HR, 1167RBI, 320SB

HOLDOVER ON THE BALLOT (some of the players)

Jeff Bagwell – .297BA, 449HR, 1529RBI, 202SB, RoY, 1MVP

Tim Raines – .294BA, 808SB, 2605H, 170HR, 980RBI

Larry Walker – .313BA, 383HR, 1311RBI, 230SB, 2160H, 1MVP

Mark McGwire – .263BA, 583HR, 1414RBI, 1626H, RoY

Bernie Williams – .297BA, 287HR, 1257RBI, 147SB, 2336H

It looks like Bonds, Piazza, and Biggio will stay on the ballot. Alomar Jr. has chance. Green….well….with enough Jewish voters maybe he could stay on for one or two more tries. This year should see Jack Morris and Piazza into the Hall of Fame and possibly Bonds and Clemens if voters overlook the steroids. Biggio will come close but I bet he just misses it.

Should be interesting. Let’s hope Green stays on!

And Let Us Say…Amen.


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