Interview with Bring It In

Thanks to TGR fan Amiel Hersh (yes former Hartford Student Body President) for bringing this organization to our attention. Check out our interview with Bring It In.
1) Can you tell The Great Rabbino fans a little bit about yourself?
I am a sports based youth development professional. The last three years I have worked as a Program Director for PeacePlayers International – Middle East using the game of basketball to educate and unite Arab and Jewish children in Israel. Prior to that I spent a year as the Assistant General Manager for a minor league basketball team. 
2) What exactly does your organization do?
Bring It In – Israel uses hands on sports volunteering in Israel to train young Israel sports educators. These educators return to their Jewish communities and use sports to engage and connect Jewish children to Israel.  
3) Why is basketball so important to these kids?
Basketball is my favorite sport. However, basketball is just one of many sports that teaches life skills and builds community. The real key is “play.” It is vital that we get our children out there playing and running around together. 
4) What role do you think sports plays in Jewish education?
I think sports can teach young Jewish children life skills like listening, communication, goal setting, discipline, problem solving, and teamwork. These are also Jewish values. Sports strengthen the Jewish community by creating a feeling of team. Rather than seeing the kid next to them in Hebrew school as a classmate, children see them as a teammate. Sports keeps Jewish boys involved in Jewish youth activities. In the age of childhood obesity, combining sports and Jewish education teaches Jewish children the value of healthy mind and healthy body. Lastly, there has been research that movement during studies opens the mind and allows for greater learning.  
5) What are the main goals of your organization?
Bring It In – Israel wants to engage and connect young Jews to Israel by reaching them where they are at. We want to create a new type of Israel educator that can serve as an engaging role model.  
6) Who would you rather have on your team Omri Casspi or Jordan Farmar?
Hard choice. Farmar is a great guy. He came out to Israel and ran some clinics for PeacePlayers International – Middle East a couple summers back. However, if I’m putting together a basketball team I would have to pick Casspi. Both players are very skilled. Casspi has the edge because of his will to win and because he fights for every inch. Whenever he is on the court he is giving 110%. 

I just want to thank The iCenter ( and PresenTense (  for all of their support.

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Thank you to David Lasday for the interview. Good luck in the future.
And Let Us Say…Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

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