Interview: Jewish Former Blackhawk Steve Dubinsky

During all the Blackhawk craziness in Chicago we searched and searched for a Jewish connection. We found and wrote about Steve Dubinsky. Dubinsky is a former Jewish Blackhawk. But that was not enough. So we tracked him down and got an interview. Dubinsky is still around the game through his sons and youth hockey. He was a really nice guy to talk to and still a big Hawks fan. The interview is below:


1) Did you follow the Blackhawks throughout the season? If so, how did you celebrate? 
Yes. I was rooting for them. It was extremely exciting. I was a firm believer that they would win. I was happy for the city and the organization. But on a personal level it was not my place to celebrate.

2) What was the highlight of you playing career?
The highlight of my career was probably my first goal against Vancouver in 1994.

3) Who is the greatest player you ever played against?
Probably Gretzky. Maybe Lemieux.

4) Who is the greatest goalie you ever face?
Roy for sure.

5) Did you face any other Jewish hockey players during your time?
Yeah. Both Ronnie Stern and Mathieu Schneider.

6) What are you up to now?

I am in Edmonton for some youth hockey. There will also be a tournament in Vernon Hills, which will be great. I own a development company. Also,  I work with Glazier Ice Arena in Vernon Hills.

7) Do your kids play?
All three of my boys play. My middle son is actually playing for the Junior Blackhawks.

8) Which is better Chicago Stadium or the United Center? 
You just can’t compare the old stadium.

9) Having lived in Chicago, what is your favorite Chicago pizza place?
For Sure, Lou Malnatis.

Dubinsky suggested we check out

Thank you again to Steve for answering our questions and taking the time out to speak with us.
Good luck in the future.
And Let Us Say…Amen.
-Jeremy Fine


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