Interview: Nevada Wolfpack’s Adam Carp

This week we have spent a ton of time on NCAA tournament and today is no different. NIT bound Nevada player Adam Carp agreed to do an interview with TGR. Thanks to Adam and good luck until you play the Illini.

1) Tell us a little about yourself as a person and as a player?
I started playing basketball when I was 10 years old, however I wasn’t serious about it until my sophomore year of high school. Baseball was my first passion. I am from California and most of my family is there (the rest are in New York). As a player, I am extremely hard working. I have had to work hard to overcome my weaknesses as a player. I am very competitive and will do whatever it takes to win.

2) The Wolf Pack lost a close game and North Carolina this year. What was it like playing against the Tar Heels and Roy Williams?
Playing at Chapel Hill this past year was a great experience. It was my third time playing against North Carolina in my career. My first time playing them, I was intimidated. Now, I feel like I belong on the same court as them, and that is a great feeling. The atmosphere there is electric, and as a college player, it is a dream to play on the same court that Michael Jordan played on. We lost a close game to them, but as a team it helped us realize how good we can be.

3) How does the Western Athletic Conference compare this season?
The WAC is very competitive this year. There are no games that are a sure win. Teams at the top are targeted and teams at the bottom are hungry for a win.

4) What has been your best moment on the court?
My best on-the-court moment actually did not occur in the United States. This past summer, our team went on a European tour where we played five games in 10 days. In our first game, with under a minute left and a tie game I blocked a dunk by a seven-footer at the rim. The block led to a dunk for us and ultimately a win. It was an incredible feeling to help my team win with a big play.

5) For us fans March Madness time is the best time of year, what is it like for the players? Is it hard to concentrate on school and other priorities?
March Madness for me is the best time of the year. In March, I clear distractions and avoid potential distractions. There is no one thing on my mind, and one thing only: win. I’ve learned to handle my schoolwork ahead of time so I eliminate any problems. I have been playing sports just as long as I have been going to school, so dealing with it is second nature to me.

6) So far this season you have a 17-11 record. Are you optimistic about your chances to play in a tournament after the regular season?

I am extremely optimistic that we will win in a tournament after our regular season. We need to win our conference tournament in order to make the NCAA Tournament. If we do not win it, I think we will still get invited to another tournament such as the NIT.

7) Recently ESPN showed Gerald Henderson beating Michael Jordan in a game of HORSE. If you could play one player of all time in HORSE who would it be and what would your strategy be?
If I could play one player in HORSE, I would take on LeBron James. My strategy would be to go first and pray I didn’t miss a shot. If he were to start dunking on me, I don’t know if I would be able to match him.

8) Where do you see yourself after your Nevada Wolf Pack days are over?
After my playing days at Nevada are over, I plan on working in an athletics department. Sports are my passion, and I would show up to work every day knowing I would be around sports.

Thanks again to Adam.
And Let Us Say…Amen.
-Jeremy Fine


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