Interview: DDP (Not Jewish)

As I have stated before on this website I love wrestling. So much so that I tracked done former WCW Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page. He agreed to do an interview for The Great Rabbino. First Piper does the video and now DDP gives an interview (maybe I should start a wrestling blog). Anyway, here is the recap of my discussion with the former champ.


The Great Rabbino: Hello Diamond Dallas Page. Thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions. It is a pleasure having you on this blog.

DDP: Well just so you know my grandmother was Jewish (actually maybe my great grandmother). I only found that out recently but if I would have told the world know. It worked out really well for Goldberg.

TGR: So what have you been up to recently?

DDP: Well Jeremy, basically I have been promoting YRG (Yoga for Regular Guys). YRG is not just yoga, its yoga and strengthening your core all in one. And it is simple. If you can pick up a pencil, you can do YGR. It is a kickass workout and is the next evolution of working out. If you go on my website you can get a 5 part DVD set, a heart monitor, and an eating plan. Check it out, I promise it will change your life.

TGR: How did you come to doing this?

DDP: Well, I was on top of my game and at the peak of my wrestling career. We just shot Ready to Rumble and I was heavyweight champion. I got horrible news that I ruptured my L4 and I had three doctors tell me I would never wrestle again. I had just signed the biggest contract of my life. My wife told me to try yoga. At the time I was a total meat- head doing cardio and weights only. I thought yoga was a joke, but eventually I tried it. It began working. But it wasn’t hard enough for me so I developed YRG. The key to that decision was being adaptable. There are four keys to life and they are breathing, reacting, adapting, and action. Breathing controls all of that and can change everything. Without yoga I would not have been heavyweight champion at 43 years of age.

TGR: Okay now some wrestling questions. Recently I watched your Wrestlemania match against Christian at arguably the most star studded Wrestlemania ever. What was it like wrestling on the grandest stage of them all?

DDP: Wrestlemania was great and a hell of a lot of fun. People were surprised they put me over in WWE. Working with Christian was great. He is one of the best workers and has that special charisma. I hope he gets his shot. Christian loves playing heel and for him to put me over in Canada, his home area that was amazing of him to do. Vince was blown away with our match. My next match was basically my last because I hurt my neck. Vince wanted me to stay on as commentator and maybe one day I’ll do it. Kevin Dunn thought I would be like Jesse Ventura.

TGR: According to my research there are several major Jewish wrestlers including Macho Man, Goldberg, Raven, and Kane. Was there any bonding between the Jewish wrestlers backstage? Did any of you celebrate holidays?

DDP: I never really saw it. There were definitely cliques. But its not like just Jews are together or any other ethnicities. I hung out with Raven and Kevin Nash who are both Jewish. Goldberg was his own animal. I met him in a strip club and I told him he should start wrestling. When he shaved his head and got a goatee I thought it was stupid because of Stone Cold, but it worked out for him. I was a bit of a loner too but I helped guys. I did have road buddies like Foley, Stone Cold, and Raven. We would sleep three to a room because we were really broke back then. (*Please note Nash and Kane are now believed not to be Jewish).

TGR: When you first came to the WWE you had a weird, not so DDP type program with the Undertaker. Was that weird for you switching brands and being in a stalker role? What was it like working with the Undertaker?

DDP: Coming in as a heel after being a huge face was tough but not weird because I am an actor. I began my run in the WWE with The Undertaker, and he doesn’t sell. It was my own fault that I accepted it; it was my stupidity. But I enjoyed being with Taker. He is so strong and huge but it feels like he is barely touching you. Our styles would have really complimented each other if our roles were reversed. If I could do it all over again I would have done a People’s Champion vs. People’s Champion feud. Working with The Rock would have been amazing. Overall, I was very happy with my wrestling career. Many older wrestlers sound and act disgruntled but I never felt that way. I had a great history in the business. I am a part of the new Rise and Fall of WCW DVD coming out. I have two matches on it. One is with Goldberg, which aired on Nitro and got the highest TV ratings ever for a wrestling match. It was supposed to air on the PPV but Hogan and Warrior went too long and their match was a debacle, so they aired my match the following night.

TGR: Any advice for our readers?

DDP: You need to live life at 90%. 10% will happen to you and 90% you control. This is a message I want everyone to learn. Go to my website and learn all about it. Specifically watch the videos about Arthur Boorman and Howard Fine. Wrestling is predetermined but this stuff is real.

TGR: I know that now you do some motivational speaking and Yoga (my father just gave me your yoga book), but what is in store for DDP? Are you working on any new projects?

DDP: I am working on some movie roles that I can’t mention but check my website for more details. Also, I am involved in producing a television show and doing some speaking engagements.
TGR: Thank you again for helping us out. Good luck in the future. Check out his website below. That’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing.


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