The Religion of Human Nature: Minor League Baseball

Check out The Religion of Human Nature podcast on iTunes. Here is an episode with MLB writer and editor Alyson Footer and Co-Founder of More Than Baseball Jeremy Wolf. Click on the image to listen to them discuss Minor League Baseball.

New Cards Available

Brand new Jewish sports cards on the market. Plenty of Deni Avdija cards out there but shown here is the limited release draft card. Also, Justine Siegal got an Allen & Ginter card. Both are up on eBay!

Mount Rushmore Series: Pro Wrestling

This list isn’t long but it is mighty. At the front is Goldberg, who wears his Judaism proudly in his name and publicly. Goldberg was a champion in WCW with arguably the most well-known win strike of the modern era. His original WWE run results in some success but it was not the same as…

Two Belts Sue Bird

WWE tradition is to send champions official WWE Championship belts. Here is Sue Bird sporting both the RAW and Smackdown belts representing the Seattle Storm!