The Great Rabbino Begins 2econd Wrestling

The Great Rabbino has become a full LLC “The Great Rabbino Media and Events LLC” and will begin putting on its own events including 2econd Wrestling. Follow along on Facebook and Twitter. Show Number One, CREATION, will be December 12th in Northbrook IL. Tickets available soon!

Mazel Tov Nate Fish!

Mazel Tov to Nate Fish who has been named the new Manager of Team Israel Baseball. Former manager Eric Holtz stepped down last week. Fish has been with the team since its inception and a key driving force for the entire crew. The King of Jewish Baseball will begin immediately.

The Religion of Human Nature Podcast: Making Lemonade

The Religion of Human Nature podcast is hosted by Jeremy Fine (The Great Rabbino) and brings together different perspectives on one topic. When episodes have athletes on we post them on the TGR website. While Zach Gowen is not Jewish we loved his insight and perspective. These are the YouTube videos but the Podcast can…