Mount Rushmore Series: Golfers

This was one of the more difficult lists to put together. Golf has not been a sport in which Jews have traditionally shined. There are reasons for that dating back centuries but I digress. Here is the Jewish Mount Rushmore of Golfers. Bruce Fleisher and Amy Alcott are the clear first two heads on the…

J-MLB Questions for 2021

Today we look at the top stories for the 2021 season. Play Ball! Fuld’s Phillies – Sam Fuld used to man the outfield and now he is THE MAN for the Phillies. The new GM has some weapons in place including star Bryce Harper. But can Fuld take the the team from the City of…

Edelman Retires: Foxboro Forever

In many ways The Great Rabbino website exists because of this man (another story for another time). We are so proud of Edelman’s career and more important the Jewish man he has become. Just look at that necklace! Mazel Edelman on an important and hopefully Hall of Fame career. We hope to have more on…

EnTOYably Jewish Focuses in a Koufax Cards

EnTOYably Jewish is a new show that looks into Jewish toys, collectibles, cards, comics, and more! The Great Rabbino (Jeremy Fine) and his buddy Henry Bernstein are the hosts. Shows and information can be found on the Enjoyably Jewish Network on Facebook. This episodes features Stu Stone from the Jack of All Trades!

Super Fan Series: Team Israel Baseball

Today we are launching a whole new series where we talk to Jewish sports Super Fans. We are beginning with two individuals who have been incredibly invested in Team Israel Baseball Zack Raab and Danielle Barta. Stay tuned for more great conversations!

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