Mazel Tov! 1 Night Two 24/7 Jewish Champions

Congrats to Kelly Kelly (1st ever female) and Alundra Blayze for each winning the 24/7 WWE Title on the July 22nd RAW Reunion. With Drew Gulak holding the Cruiserweight Title that had two simultaneous Jewish champs!

Enjoyably Jewish: Wrestling Toys

Alongside my children we have created a new YouTube Show called Enjoyably Jewish where we celebrate all things Jewish fun! In this episode we unbox Jewish wrestling toys!

TGR Covers the Lynx vs. Storm Game

TGR got to cover the Minnesota Lynx vs. Seattle Storm game on July 17th 2019. The Lynx organization was a class act and the experience incredible. Big thank you to the organization especially Aaron Freeman (interview coming soon), Riley Foreman of the Seattle Storm and one of my all-time favorite people to interview Alysha Clark!

Interview: Repping Team Israel as an Israeli – Corey Baker

A few years ago I had the privledge of getting to know Corey Baker. Fresh off his great WBC performance, Baker came to Minnesota to work for the Twins. “I have never met a rabbi like you. Where is the long beard?” he said. We got to talking and turns out he was not just…