1 – Jordan Farmar’s UCLA jersey number.

2 – Taylor Mays’ USC jersey number.

3 – Jerry Reinsdorf has won two 3-peat Championships with the Chicago Bulls.

4 – Jersey number of NBA Hall of Famer Dolph Schayes.

5 – Jersey number of MLB Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg.

6 – Jersey number of Israeli basketball sensation Tal Brody.

7 – Jersey number of converted Jew and LA Dodger-great Steve Yeager.

8 – Jersey number of Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun.

9 – On 9/9 in 1965, Sandy Koufax threw his last no hitter.

10 – Jersey numbers of NHLer Matheiu Schneider.

11 – Jersey numbers of NFLer Julian Edelman, NHLer Jeff Halpern, and former Connecticut Huskies great Doron Scheffer.

12 – Number of catcher Brad Ausmus.

13 – Jersey number of NHLers Michael Cammarelli and Mike Brown.

14 – Number of Grand Slam titles won by tennis great Pete Sampras.

15 – Jersey number of Israeli soccer great Yossi Benayoun.

16 – Jersey number of former Giants pitcher Ryan Sadowski.

17 – Combined WWE, WCW, ECW, and TNA World Titles held by Kevin Nash, Bill Goldberg, Raven, and Macho Man.

18 – Jersey number of Kings’ forward Omri Casspi.

19 – Jersey number of Rays’ outfielder Gabe Kapler.

20 – Jersey number of MLBer KevinYoukilis and former MLBers Shawn Green and Joe Horlen.

21 – Jersey number of Nationals pitcher Jason Marquis .

22 – Shay Doron’s Maryland jersey number.

23 – Jersey number of NHLer Eric Nystrom.

24 – Jersey number of former Orlando Magic Danny Schayes.

25 – Number of wins posted by Steve Stone in his Cy Young Award winning season.

26 – Number in the NBA draft that Jordan Farmar was drafted.

27 – Number of complete games Sandy Koufax pitched in 1965 and 1966 and the age Koufax won the Cy Young and MVP awards in the same season.

28 – Number of wins for boxer Yuri Foreman and Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl in 2009/2010.

29 – Jersey number of Mets rookie Ike Davis.

30 – Jon Scheyer’s Duke jersey number.

31 – Number of home runs and stolen bases that Ian Kinsler had in 2009.

32 – Jersey number of Sandy Koufax.

33 – Number Mark Spitz was listed in Sports Illustrated’s 100 athletes of the 20th century.

34 – Jersey number of MLBer John Grabow and former MLBer Ross Baumgarten.

35 – Number in the NFL draft that the San Diego Chargers drafted Igor Olshansky in 2004.

36 – In 1936, Milton Green and Norman Cahners boycotted the Olympics in Germany.

37 – Number of home runs Ryan Braun hit in 2008.

38 – In 1938, Hank Greenberg hit 58 home runs.

39 – Jersey number of Texas Ranger Scott Feldman.

40 – Highest ranking of former ATPer Paul Goldstein.

41 – Number in the NFL draft that brought Andre Tippet to the New England Patriots.

42 – Jersey number of Chicago Bear Sid Luckman.

43 – Number of home runs Al Rosen hit in his 1953 MVP season.

44 – Number of league leading home runs Hank Greenberg hit in his last season with the Tigers.

45 – In 1945, the Philadelphia SPHAs won their 7th and last title.

46 – In 1946, Sid Luckman led the Chicago Bears to a title.

47 – Number of home runs Ron Blomberg hit for the NY Yankees.

48 – In 1948, Ilona Schacherer-Elek won Olympic gold in the Individual Foil.

49 – In 1949 Maurice Podoloff merged the BAA and the NBA and Dolph Schayes was named rookie of the year.