Interview: Wrestler Rory Gulak

WWE recently posted a video of a handful of wrestlers spinning dreidel. Yes, spinning dreidel. 205 Live Superstar Drew Gulak was leading the way. My inbox flooded with the question; is Gulak Jewish? Well, he is and so is his Indy wrestling brother! We reached out to his brother Rory, super nice guy and an up-and-coming wrestler himself, to talk Gulak Judaism…and wrestling.
1) How did you get into wrestling?
I watched WWE (Then WWF) with my brother Drew since the age of 5. Our science teacher / friend of the family Jack took us to our first independent pro-wrestling show in 2001.
2) Did you and your brother, Drew of WWE, begin together? Were you two competitive in the ring?
We both began training in summer of 2004. I was then a well known fan who’d like to run his mouth as a 11 year old kid. We wanted to train and we both had our tryouts with John Zandig. We both always competitive in the ring and out of. We wrestled in High School together.
3) Is your goal a WWE run as well?
The ultimate goal of any serious wrestler should be to be in the WWE. Absolutely would love to join Drew on the big stage.  
4) Which promotions are your currently wrestling for and did spend most of your time with?
Currently my mainstays are Chikara and Beyond Wrestling. In 2004 is when Drew and I started training under Mike Quackenbush when he took over as head trainer. 
5) It seems that Philly is a great place for Indy Wrestling. What makes it so special?
Before I began to attend independent wrestling shows at the arena a company called ECW lead the path for independents and put their headquarters of Philadelphia on the map. Since that dozen of promotions ran events in Philadelphia. The fans are notorious for being the best AND craziest fans in the world.
6) What was/is your Jewish life like?
My Jewish life is good. I had a bar mitzvah and it was Amazing. Currently still roll the dreidle every Hannukah. 
7) Has Judaism impacted your in-ring character development or career?
In 2013 I stepped away from wrestling and my style of violent wrestling. Right after I decided to stop I got to go on birthright trip to Israel. It really changed my outlook on Judaism in a more positive way. I don’t think my religion has impact my character or career, although the visit helped me to appreciate my religion even more. I did return to the ring in 2015. 
8) Where can TGR fans find you on social media and anything else you’d like to promote?
Fans can find me on instagram, twitter, and fb @RoryGulak

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